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Portfolio of Work

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My art is mainly inspired by world disaster and displacement. I think that has to do with my family history and my own history. I've moved around a lot: Israel; Switzerland; Belgium and now England. When you move to a new place, you always feel like a stranger. You're always the outsider. It's about trying to understand who we are.


My work is based from this verse:
"A man's origin is from dust and his destiny is back to dust, at risk of his life he earns his bread; he is likened to a broken shard, withering grass, a fading flower, a passing shade, a dissipating cloud, a blowing wind, flying dust and a fleeting dream."



This particular project “Scratches” explores the effects of the holocaust on my personal and family history, is a way of trying to understand to what extent it has affected who I am today. I have been exploring hands as identifiers of a person’s true identity, having second and third generetaion holocaust survivors interact with my process of working with porcelain has been a way of channelling peoples feelings and documenting their identities.


The brief required to reflect the connection between Jerusalem/Israel and British Jewry. I have chosen to create an image which is traditional yet has a modern feel to it, capturing Yerushalayim shel ma’alah and Yerushalayim shel matah. The bottom part of the window depicts the gates of Jerusalem, the viewpoint I have chosen is the neighbourhood of Yemin Moshe which was one of the first neighbourhoods to be built out of the Old City by Sir Moshe Montefiore.The buildings included are the windmill built by Sir Montefiore, pointing out the ongoing strong ties between British Jews and Israel and the longing to rebuild 
Jerusalem and Israel.

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